The Klenczon Experience

Wojciech Hoffmann – leader of Turbo band, co-writer of the Polish mega-hit song “Dorosłe dzieci” [Adult children] and one of the best Polish guitarists, in tribute to his idol, decided to create a music group playing songs by Krzysztof Klenczon. He invited the following musicians to join this project: Dominik Pszkit, Mariusz Bobkowski (from Turbo) and Arkadiusz Malinowski (with whom Wojciech performed for few years in Krzysztof’s original band named Czerwone Gitary [Red Guitars]).
In August 2019, the band entrusted the role of manager to Piotr Mielcarek – the owner of Concert Management.

The Klenczon Experience project was born from the desire to pay tribute to the achievements of the legendary artist, Krzysztof Klenczon. The group was founded by Wojciech Hoffmann – leader of Turbo band, co-writer of the Polish mega-hit song „Dorosłe dzieci” [Adult children] and one of the best Polish guitarists.
The music played at the concerts is a return to the sound of the 60s and 70s. Among others, the band uses the original Zenon Audition guitar from 1961, which is characterized by a unique sound. Krzysztof Klenczon played the same guitar in his mother band Czerwone Gitary [Red Guitars].
Taking into account the knowledge of rock music and Czerwone Gitary, Wojciech Hoffmann intends to use his interpretations to reach not only the older fans of Klenczon’s music, but also the group of new and usually much younger listeners.
The aim of The Klenczon Experience is to promote the songs and person of Krzysztof Klenczon. – emphasizes the guitarist.
The Klenczon Experience concerts consist of Krzysztof’s songs from the times when he played in Czerwone Gitary and later in Trzy Korony [Three Crowns]. The band plays with particular care for quality and intends to preserve the atmosphere of the 60s. Taking into account Krzysztof’s fascination with Jimi Hendrix, each performance also includes quite a bit of rock arrangements, especially in the songs of Trzy Korony.
All this makes The Klenczon Experience an outstanding alternative to other music projects playing songs of Krzysztof Klenczon and Czerwone Gitary.
Wojciech Hoffmann, the founder of the project says:
For me it all started with the foundation of Czerwone Gitary. This band made me a guitarist, musician and composer today. Klenczon’s charisma and his approach to rock and roll are very close to me, and that is why I decided to create The Klenczon Experience and thus express my gratitude to Krzysztof.
His songs are timeless, many of them became great hits and are known to this day. We all remember extremely beautiful songs such as: “Biały krzyż” [White cross] which was dedicated to his father, „Wróćmy na jeziora” [Let’s return to the lakes] or „Kwiaty we włosach” [Flowers in the hair]. He also wrote more cheerful songs. „Powiedz stary gdzieś Ty był” [Say, old man, where have you been] or „Nikt na świecie nie wie” [Nobody in the world knows] are hits which perfectly reflect the atmosphere of that era. My spiritual connection with Krzysztof is even greater, because for three years I have played on his position in Czerwone Gitary and I own the same guitars as Krzysztof Klenczon was using in this band.

Alicja Klenczon (wife of the late Krzysztof) commented on the formation of the band:
During the cooperation with Czerwone Gitary, Wojciech Hoffmann brilliantly referred with his spontaneity, attention to detail and behavior on stage to the beginnings of this band, when Krzysztof was its undisputed leader. I am very happy that it is Wojciech and his band who will continue what my husband started in the 60s, while playing in Czerwone Gitary and Trzy Korony.
On the other hand, Jerzy Skrzypczyk, the leader of Czerwone Gitary, said:
It is more than a music project. High guitar skills of Wojciech, many years of his contribution to the history of Polish music and his passion for Klenczon make it impossible to pass by indifferently. I am convinced that fans of Polish music of the sixties will be stunned!

Current line-up:

  • Wojciech Hoffmann – lead guitar, vocals – (Turbo, ex-Czerwone Gitary)
  • Arek Malinowski – bass guitar, vocals – (ex-Czerwone Gitary) or Bogusz Rutkiewicz – bass guitar, vocals – (Turbo)
  • Mariusz Bobkowski – drums, vocals (Turbo)
  • Dominik Pszkit – guitar, lead vocals

There are no upcoming events at the moment.


PAST EVENTS (since 01.01.2019):

  • 03.10.2020 – Śrem, Muzeum Śremskie
  • 23.09.2020 – Wrocław, Stary Klasztor
  • 06.03.2020 – Kobylnica k/Słupska, Gminne Centrum Kultury i Promocji
  • 05.03.2020 – Poznań, Teatr Scena Wspólna
  • 25.01.2020 – Kalisz, Centrum Kultury i Sztuki
  • 24.01.2020 – Piła, Yogi Pizza & Bar
  • 10.10.2019 – Aleksandrów Łódzki, Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury
  • 08.09.2019 – Zamość, Zamojski Dom Kultury
  • 07.09.2019 – Rawa Mazowiecka, open-air

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