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Concert Management is a company established in 2019 on the basis of many years of experience in the music industry.
The founder, Piotr Mielcarek, started working in this sector in 1996. Initially, the activity involved transport of music equipment for couple of bands from Poznań. Gradually, the scope of activities was expanding and companies dealing with stage sound equipment appeared among the customers. The main clients were: Andrzej Modrzejewski sound company and the largest enterprise of this type in Poland and one of the largest in Europe, meaning Fotis Sound. Local booking and event agencies also joined the customer base. The scope of services expanded by sound system and stage technology works.
At that time, we worked at hundreds of events from small happenings, through fairs, corporate events, concerts, city events, to large festivals. Apart from being at the performances of majority of Polish artists, we also had the pleasure to work at concerts of such world-class stars as Iron Maiden, Peter Gabriel, Joey DeFrancesco, Marilyn Manson and Placebo.
In 2000 we started focusing our activities on direct work with music bands. We dealt with transport of instruments as well as technical support during concerts. Initially, we cooperated with Gabriel Fleszar band and the now defunct Poznań formation named Voytek. After a short time, our almost 3-year adventure with Lombard group began. Then, in 2003 we started long-lasting cooperation with 2 legendary Polish bands: Armia [Army] (punk rock) and Turbo (heavy metal). In the following years, other artists such as Bartek Wrona, Bolter Group, Kasia Wilk, Alexandra Jabłonka, Snowman and Kwartet ProForma [ProForma Quartet] appeared in the group of our clients. Occasionally we have also provided services to Wolf Spider, Hope, 2Tm2,3 and Luxtorpeda bands. In 2015 our cooperation with Kazik i Kwartet ProFoma [Kazik and ProForma Quartet] has started.
In 2018 we expanded our scope of activity with band management services. At first, Piotr Mielcarek became the manager of Kwartet ProForma. Soon after, at the beginning of 2019, Turbo entrusted us with the duties of road manager. A few months later, in August, Piotr Mielcarek became the manager of Turbo, The Klenczon Experience and a solo project of Wojciech Hoffmann. In 2020, we started working on band-manager basis with Hope. The same year brought us also a permanent cooperation with Luxtorpeda where our tasks are related to transport of music instruments.
Over the years we have participated in more than 2000 events and concerts. We got to know the music industry from the very base level, from physical work, through technical support for concerts and bands, to the role of a manager. We became very well familiar with practically every stage of organizing and producing various events.
Defining the current profile of the company, we can say that we deal with band management, representing artists, organizing, booking and producing various music events. We focus on long-term cooperation and try to take care of all the details of the tasks entrusted to us.


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